Anindilyakwa is a Gunwinyguan language spoken in eastern Arnhem Land (Northern Territory), on the Groote Eylandt archipelago (43 kms east of the Arnhem Land coast). It is a vibrant language, being one of the few Australian languages still being acquired by children, and spoken by over 1,600 people (Marmion et al. 2014: 16).

Anindilyakwa and surrounding languages (Harvey 2008)

Typologically, Anindilyakwa has been noted for its polysynthetic structure and morphological complexity. It is a head-marking language, that demonstrates an intricate noun-classifying system, an obligatory system for cross-referencing and agreement on nominals and verbs, demonstrates productive nominal incorporation, and employs various argument-changing affixes within the verbal template (Bednall 2020: 6-7).

Anindilyakwa has received a reasonable amount of documentation and description. Below is a list of key linguistic research that has been undertaken over the last century:

Archived language collections are available at:

  • Bednall, James (collector) Anindilyakwa language documentation. [JRB1]. Digital collection managed by PARADISEC. [OpenAccess]
  • Stokes, Judith & Julie Waddy (collectors) Digital collection managed by AIATSIS.
  • van Egmond, Marie-Elaine (collector) Digital collection managed by Endangered Languages Archive (ELAR).

Audio and video language resources are available at:

Useful community-focused language resources are available from the Groote Eylandt Language Centre:

  • Groote Eylandt Linguistics. 1993. Eningerribirra-langwa jurra [=Book about all sorts of things]. Angurugu, Australia.
  • Lalara, Rhoda and Alfred Lalara. 2014. When we go walkabout: Yirruwa Yirrilikenuma-langwa. Sydney: Allen & Unwin.
  • Clan songs, church songs, band music and educational CDs.

Other useful websites relating to Anindilyakwa language include:

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